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Rockin Reviews 

We love our clients! We care that we do an amazing job at cleaning every home. Just like any other company out there a good review means the world. Well at That's My House Cleaning Service, that is most definitely a true statement. The cleaners have such great pride the work they do. That not only do they welcome complements, but they take every complement to heart. It is a tremendous boost in their confidence.

We at That's My House Cleaning Service don't solicit our clients for reviews. So every unsolicited review means the world to us.

Here is an example why we love rockin reviews. Anissa had a first cleaning on a brand new clients home. The client was not home for the cleaning, so she had to make sure it was perfect for the client when they returned home.

This is the review she got.

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you guys did today! Thank you so so much!! 😍 and then dishes- major plus! Thank you!

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